How Long Does It Take to Start a Small Business?

How Long Does It Take to Start a Small Business?

You can start a small business in three hours, according to Inc.. Although the common perception is that starting a small business is difficult, the administrative and legal tasks required can actually be done quite quickly.

That said, these tasks don’t include some of the deeper work you’ll need to do like finding funding or writing a business or marketing plan. The Small Business Administration has an excellent guide to taking care of these tasks with ease.

Here’s what you can do in three hours to start your business:

  1. Register your business name
  2. Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  3. Check what other licenses you may need
  4. Look at your tax obligations and download forms
  5. Get a seller’s permit if you plan to sell physical products (select by state)
  6. Set up a business bank account
  7. Set up domain / hosting & ssl
  8. Email us to set up an advertising strategy:

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